Who I am

I focus on bringing value and giving you the tools to solve any business challenge

After graduating with an MBA from GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science) in 2005 I turned my own business around and achieved a cashflow improvement of 1200%. I also grew my business turnover dramatically and improved its longevity and chances of success. My first business celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024.

As a small business owner, I realised that the difference between mediocre and formidable came from knowledge. I enjoyed reaping the rewards of learning new things about leadership and business management and applying these to my own business..

Over the years I have spent countless hours lecturing middle managers and senior leaders of large and small corporations alike on topics of business management, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit, and turning chaos into order.

Your business

  • Financial health, cost control, managing finances, managing cashflow
  • Compliance – making sure accounting records, annual financial statements, SARS returns are all up to date
  • Operational systems – identifying and eliminating chaos, creating order, delivering a consistent service to your customers
  • Human Resources, staff motivation, productivity, management team
  • Strategy – identifying a suitable strategy for your business linked to your vision for growth
  • Marketing and sales – identifying your current marketing strategy and developing suitable processes to grow your sales
  • Business leadership – understanding the capabilities of your leadership team and setting a suitable strategy to develop the right leadership mix
  • Products, markets – understanding the markets in which you operate, the strengths and weaknesses eases of your current product set, and developing a strategy to maximise sales
  • Innovation – understanding your current approach to innovation and developing a suitable strategy to ensure your business continues to grow.
  • Customer relationship management – understanding your current approach to customer relationship, understanding how your customer’s view your company, and developing a suitable strategy for customer retention, onboarding and growth.

How I work

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to solving other people’s problems. I have a wealth of tools to use depending on the issues you face, and I am a seasoned guide and teacher. My approach is to guide you in solving your own problems, and to make you stronger, more capable, and more confident.

What my clients have to say about me:

I strive to deliver the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Adam Rabinowitz brings unparalleled expertise and a fresh perspective to the table. Their guidance has been invaluable for our personal and business growth!


What I want to achieve:

To empower entrepreneurs and business leaders globally, fostering a culture of continuous learning and endless transformation, while providing the tools and insights for sustainable growth and enduring success.


Contact me if you struggle with:

Overwhelmed by chaos?
Struggling to manage time effectively?
Cash flow headaches?
Service inconsistency?
Unhappy customers?
Losing business?
Stagnant or declining revenue?
Need direction for your startup?
Leadership lacking focus?
Seeking guidance as a business owner?
Staff feeling demotivated?
Feeling out of your depth?
Drowning in responsibilities?
We're here to help you navigate through it all and emerge stronger!


Why I'm here:

To equip entrepreneurs and business leaders with the insights, strategies, and resources needed to overcome challenges, drive profitability, and build resilient enterprises. Through personalised coaching, training, and consultancy, we aspire to ignite innovation, inspire excellence, and cultivate success stories that endure for generations.

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