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Detective Matt Porter has his own way of getting things done, and that doesn’t always include following the rules or going by the book. The only rules he lives by are the ones he makes himself, and this doesn’t make things easy for him at the station where run-ins with his boss, Lt Bill Mohale, are not uncommon. Bill is gunning for a position as Chief of Police.

Porter could care less, as long as he puts the bad guys away.

His rules are there for two reasons - to keep him alive, and to keep him from women. All women are trouble. No Exceptions. Rule 2.

Matt and relationships never work out.

Detective Porter is working on a case, investigating the illegal import of narcotics. Taking a break from the office one day at his local diner, he meets a woman that he somehow feels helpless to resist. Even his rules can't keep him away. Something about her flowing red hair and that look of sadness in her captivating green eyes are like a magnet that he can’t resist.

And from that moment, everything falls apart for Detective Porter.

While following a lead, Porter stumbles across something that points all the way to the Governor of the State. From being the one in control, Matt Porter suddenly finds his career on the rocks, running for his life, trying to save everything he has worked for. Somebody is controlling the city, and somebody wants him dead.

Everything seems to have fallen into chaos from the minute he met Grace – what does she have to do with it all?

Porter’s Rule: Slave to the City is an action packed thriller that takes you deep into the world of Detective Matt Porter. If you enjoyed books like The Bourne Identity, and the Jason Bourne Series, then you’ll love Porter’s Rule: Slave to the City.

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