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The Pure Soul holds the key to Immortality. A thousand years ago, in a small town in Italy, an aging evil sorcerer and his two apprentices hunted the Pure Soul so that he could conquer the one thing his powerful magic could not – his own mortality. Now, a thousand years later, the Pure Soul has reappeared on the earth.

Cassandra, a university student on holiday in Italy with a group of friends, discovers that she is the Pure Soul. But the ancient evil wizard and his apprentices, their magic transferred to their living descendants, seek to devour the Pure Soul which will make them immortal. A summer vacation suddenly becomes a terrifying relentless chase in which Cassandra must escape with her life to save the world from darkness.

This is an action-packed fantasy novel, based in modern day Italy, and takes the reader from the classic ancient Arena in Verona, all the way to the Italian Alps, and the spectacular Cascate Del Serio, the highest waterfalls in Europe where the book reaches an action-packed, nail-biting climax.

Cassandra discovers what happens when Powerful Magic from the Dark Ages that holds the key to Immortality is reincarnated in an innocent girl a thousand years later. With help from bloodlines and ancestors, Cassandra must get help from the spirit world to overcome the dangerous enemies who want to steal her soul to increase their own power. Reincarnation of wizards, mythical creatures, power from crystals all come together in this modern-day fantasy epic.

The 5 main characters are thrown into a riveting chase as they become the hunted in this thrilling urban fantasy. The story is not without a good dose of romance as Cassandra and her friends battle their way to survival.

If you enjoyed the Hunger Games series and the Percy Jackson series, then you’ll definitely find Lost Soul – Immortality a thrilling read.

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