101 Best Pics 0f 2022 (Part 6)

Art, food, and chefs

I’ve grouped these together under the theme of art and the people the people who make it, and I’ve captioned each pic with the story behind it, or why I chose to feature it in this collection. I love some of the portraits in this set, I think they capture the people and their story in a single shot beautifully. There’s 11 in this collection. I hope you find one that you love.

This colorful portrait of Annie at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, Cape Town exhibition captures the essence of her style beautifully. It’s bright and punchy.
This one was from a review I did of Hacienda in Bree St. Just plain unadulterated fun.
This ain’t no bone. This was taken at PIER Restaurant and I love it because it isn’t what it looks like at all. This is the butter that came with the bread dish. I love the creativity and the brightness. It was a shame to break it up but you gotta do what ya gotta do.
I love this pic taken at Tintswalo at Boulders during a culinary Masterclass by Callan Austin. This was his prawn risotto that I can still taste today. (Still waiting for the recipe, Callan)
This is what Sublime looks like. This was taken after that last bite of dessert at Embarc Restaurant in Parkhurst, Jo’burg.
I love this pic of Chef Peter Ayub from Urban Playground. He’s full of energy, and a wonderful human, and he shows up like this every day to delight and inspire.
I love this pic of Darren Badenhorst at the opening of Dusk Restaurant in Stellenbosch. I think it captures a lot in one moment – perfection, focus, dedication.
This pic of me and Callan after the evening’s service at the opening of Dust was over in the restaurant wine cellar where I had a private tour. Actually he’s making sure I don’t slip any bottles into my hand luggage.
I love the unreserved smiles in this pic of Annie and Callan. Absolute joy from the diner, and end of a perfect evening smiles from the chef.
I think this portrait of Jess and Luke from Good to Gather captures them beautifully. The restaurant is rustic and rooted in nature and I think the casual setting and the old wooden door as the backdrop here just captures the moment and the mood and what these two have put together subtly.

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