Cape of Good Hope Riebeeksrivier Southern Slopes

This wine has a gentle Shiraz profile balanced by the Mouverdre – I find it a lovely everyday wine. I opened this one the day before I had to kiss CT goodbye and head to Jo’burg for family responsibility. It’s got a decent body, typical shiraz coming through and a mild tanin after taste.

I had this one with a beef, mushroom and bok-Choi fried rice and some weird noodles that Aaron found at his Chinese supermarket, and then I had another glass with some of the most delicious Gorgonzola and my caramelized ginger that’s been soaking in the fridge for 2 weeks. That last little addition completely stole the show – OMG. Look up my caramelized ginger video. It’s best after it’s been left to stand in the fridge for a week or two. My knees are still weak just thinking about it. Yumm!!

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