Louisvale Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Man I’m so behind. Not in drinking but talking about it. I decided to empty some space on my wine wall, which has extended to my wine cupboard, that corner one by the coffee machine where you can’t really store much because of the pipes and stuff but where there’s a wine there’s a way, so now that’s a storage space for the bottles whose necks are too thick to fit in the holes in the wine wall, and then that extended to the bottom drawer under the coffee machine because, we’ll because I shouldn’t be allowed out at a wine farm or wine tasting with my credit card or even so much as a pen. And that’s not mentioning the cupboard in the garage where I keep wines fit only for cooking lamb stew. Where was I …

So if you missed it before, tonight I’m drinking Louisvale Wines Sauv Blanc 2022, a lovely full white, slightly sauv Blanc in profile, but not hectic like a mowed meadow. Nice braai wine. Louisvale does a great wooded and unwooded chardonnay. This one is okay, their reds and Chardonnays are worth leaving home for.

Happy wining, people 🙂

Hey, tonight I made home-made coffee ice cream but I didn’t take any pics. Just want to see if anyone’s paying attention so I can hear the ooh’s and ash’s. Only enough for the 4 of us tho.

Till tomorrow, when we talk about a Cape of Good Hope SMV…

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