Robertson Constitution Road 2021

Chardonnay is my favorite white, hands down. If my wine fridge were a blend it would be 90% Chardonnay, and the rest would be other cultivars and milk for the coffee machine.

Robertson Winery Constitution Road is one of my all time best Chardonnays, and just before Christmas I finished my last bottle of the 2020, so I ordered a case of the 2021 edition hoping it would match up. This one blew my mind more than the 2020. It’s got depth, colour, texture – absolutely superb. You get a. Huge hit of oak and a deep, complex refined Chardonnay character. I only had one glass on Christmas Day because it was the last bottle I opened on the day and folks were leaving, so I was running between the table and the front door with a glass of wine in my hand (until Maon decided I’d had enough and my glass ended up in pieces by the front door 😂😂).

Anyway, the point of this story – day after Christmas with the house squeaky clean again, Annie and I vegged indoors with popcorn and movies and I brought out the last of this wine.

Paired with popcorn made in coconut oil it was absolutely singing! No movie will ever be the same again. Do yourself a favour and try this combination.

To the folks at Robertson’s – pair this one with popcorn, but you have to make it in coconut oil.

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