Melkbos Kitchen (Melkbosstrand)

From the time the present owners took over what used to be a poorly run restaurant relying solely on its location, Melkbos Kitchen has continued to deliver time and time again. It’s often full, and most times you’ll need to book, so don’t be disappointed if you decide to go there on a whim and you can’t get in. This is one of the gems of the area, and one of my favorite local treats.

Today we were a party of 4 that turned into a party of 8 at short notice. The restaurant managed to shift our table around to accommodate us. Darren, our waiter was stellar. When you never have to look around or stab a pointed finger in the air to get your waiter’s attention, that’s on-point service. He’s got a magnificent sense of humour and was so entertaining. Give Darren a Bells!

Food was as expected – every dish was perfect and there were only compliments and praise all round.

I know it’s the only spot with this view, and it could get complacent, but I believe they’re working hard to keep things alive and to bring some variety to the menu. There’s a Chef’s special section on the menu which is refreshed every two weeks. I was tempted, but I always order the prawns because they’re just so damn good, and I’m always delighted. They’re among the best I’ve had in Cape Town.

They don’t do substitutions so don’t expect to be able to modify the menu. You get what the chef designed, and at best you can get sauces on the side if you want to be particular.

I ordered the Ondine Chardonnay since I’ve never tried this one before. It was a very unsatisfying wine indeed. Give it a miss, rather choose a Groote Post Vineyards Sauv Blanc or the Groote Post Rosé – much better accompaniment. It’s a great pity you can’t un-drink wine.

Melkbos Kitchen is pricy, but in my opinion, worth it for the occasional treat. Their menu also includes sushi, steaks and burgers, and a yummy roast lamb which I’ve had before and highly recommend.

Desserts are not their strong suit, so rather spend your calories on starters and mains, and stop in at Eden on the Bay for ice cream or a frozen coffee on your way home. They do have a selection of cheesecakes on offer, but cake isn’t dessert for a foodie like me. That’s my only negative.

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