Robertson Constitution Road Chardonnay 2020 (#2)

Redemption to the tune of angels going “aaaaaaahhhhhhh…..” after last night’s not so great KF Three Halves. I forgot how absolutely stellar this wine is. I was introduced to it at PIER Restaurant during a wine pairing and I had one last bottle hiding in the back of the coffee bar fridge which found greater purpose and a higher calling as a wine fridge.

The colour is rich and deep, and the flavours are intense and comforting all round. It paired so perfectly with the most amazing olive tapenade I’ve ever tasted, which also happens to be the very same olive tapenade I made yesterday during the previous bout of LoadShedding and blended up as the power came back on so no pics for Walking the Talk unfortunately, but I will do that one soon. It was as OMG as the wine turned out to be.

Unfortunately the entire bottle of Constitution Road made its way from discovery to empty during the many hours of darkness courtesy of Eskom (I’m not going to launch into another rant) so you’re not getting a full novice attempt at describing micro-tasting notes except that this is just a superb Chardonnay on so many levels and it pairs well with a bold and salty dish. I’m ordering another case if I can find some.

Links: Robertson Winery

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