Ken Forrester Three Halves 2007

This is a blend of Mourvèdre, Grenache and Shiraz.

There’s a lot going on when you lift this glass to your nose. It’s like that feeling of having your face thrust into the rugby field by the rugby player jocks early in the morning. (Not that I have anything against rugby players, I love watching the Boks, I just have shell shock trauma from years of getting trodden on by the bigger guys at school). You get a strong hit of earth, spice and dark fruit right up the nose.

It’s like biting into a ripe plum when you take a sip, almost syrupy in its consistency. It’s not a sweet wine but it has notes of honey, plum and spice. It’s quite delicious. It comes in a screw top, which I find odd for a 2007 that packs such a flavor punch (I nearly said flavour bomb, but I didn’t want this post flagged as violent, so I said punch instead). I’d give this one 4.5 stars as soon as I get my face out of the fields and wipe the grass off my eyebrows.

Second Review: 16th December 2022

I really liked this wine last time I opened a bottle, but tonight it didn’t agree with my tastebuds at all. According to, it’s a platters 4.5 star, but tonight it tasted bitter.

I prefer the Chenin’s from Ken Forrester – they’re my go-to chenin standard but tonight’s Three Halves missed the mark.

Third Review: 17 December 2022

That Ken Forrester Winery Stellenbosch Three Halves 2007 that I slated yesterday had a chance to think it over overnight and it came out this evening a totally different wine. I absolutely recant. I don’t know if it was my taste buds yelling out in protest over doing too much research over the festive season, or that the wine needed to breathe, but I’d swear this wine just had a complete personality transplant overnight. It’s smooth, it’s got character and it’s very very worthwhile. Now I remember why I bought a case.

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