Catch 22 (Table View)

It’s holiday season, we’ve got a full house, and we decided to go catch the sunset on Thursday night – that night the sunset ended up being epic, stunning and breathtaking. We wanted somewhere low key, but it’s holiday season so we wanted a bit of a vibe, and being the Epicurean that I am (see, I’m using my new word already!) Catch 22 wasn’t on my list because I’ve never rated it as the place to go when you’re looking for a vibe and a view.

Because it was the day before the public holiday, getting a table at the few spots near us was near impossible, most weren’t taking bookings and by 5:30pm, people were already queueing up at the popular spots, so we tried a Hail Mary and called Catch 22. Although they were full for dinner they squeezed 6 of us in on the balcony.

Everything was marvellous from the service to the food to the drinks to the waiter to the vibe. There was such a buzz happening there, I was very pleasantly surprised. Maybe it’s because of the festive time of year, but I take back my reservations about Catch 22 – it’s every bit as vibey as all the other vibey vibes in Tableview.

The cocktails are huge – here’s a picture of Rhaine drowning in Annie’s one.

Annie and I ordered a selection of small plates, as we often do, so we can taste more than just one dish. It’s not because we have a short attention span. We had the Spanish Prawns which come de-shelled in a spicy Spanish sauce – delicious; Fish Goujons, a fancy name for miniature strips of fried fish – fresh, crispy, perfect; Squid heads with tartare sauce – yumm; and loaded fries with a cheesy sauce and Cowboy Candy. All together, an absolutely moreish selection.

Others at the table ordered line fish and prawns, and a Pokè bowl.

Despite them being chockablock to the point where the manager did us special favour to get us in, food and drinks arrived promptly, everything was cooked perfectly, and the view was spectacular.

Big thumbs up to Catch 22 – I’d forgotten how much I love this local treasure.

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