Walking the talk #15

Making the all-time family favorite Singapore Chicken that has become the most requested thing that I cook, and my trade-mark dish. Family and friends visiting for the holidays so more reason to make everyone’s favorite dish and covert some virgins.

Chicken poached in a chicken broth loaded with garlic and ginger, then shredded. Basmati rice boiled in the same chicken broth with loads of added garlic, ginger and onion. Then served with the broth, Togarashe sauce and Chinese 5 Spice salt, some spring onions and for those who don’t have the gene, fresh coriander. Such a rollercoaster of flavour from the base of the broth, the tenderness of the chicken, the rice when it’s cooked just right, and the spiciness of the sauce and the 5-spice salt.

With this one I served a Bellevue Wine Estate 2020 Malbec which went perfectly with the strong and aromatic flavours. I chose a Malbec because it’s Rhein’s favorite varietal, but the one he pointed out on my rack as his best of alll time wasn’t a latch on the Bellevue. It’s velvety smooth and hits the delicate point between tart and frikkin’ fabulous so perfectly. Among my favorite Malbecs.

Oh, and of course there’s the actual cooking which was carried by one of my other favorites, Oldenburg Wine Estate Chardonnay 2021, one of the most well rounded Chardonnays I’ve encountered, and the perfect cooking companion. What else do you do while you’re waiting for things to boil but delve deep into that mildly wooded butterscotch perfection. Thanks Nic – you rock! I may need to order another case before the holiday is over, especially if anyone places an order for a reprise.

Btw, Liam Tomlin’s chefs warehouse and cookery school – at some point I’m going to have to thank you in person for helping to make me so popular in my kitchen. Can’t take all the credit, it’s your recipe, man.

Okay, back to the kitchen now to replenish the chicken stock for the freezer and the Togarashe sauce. Annie will forgive me for using every utensil and pot once again.

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