LoadShedding proof

Bloody hell. Stage 6!! How much of a f**k up do you have to have made to plunge the country into more hours of darkness than light? I suppose you want a bonus for the pleasure too? Cool, just add it to my Eskom bill and my SARS bill and deduct it from my salary and if I refuse to pay for your blatant incompetence, threaten me with jail time for not paying taxes. Oops, sorry, did I really just say that? Must be the wine.

Amazing LoadShedding proof drinks. You don’t need a coffee machine, a kettle, or even ice! Just a cork screw which doesn’t even need batteries. Amazing marvels of nature.

Tonight I’m revisiting a Fairview Wine and Cheese Chardonnay 2020, which goes remarkably well in the waning heat of a really tough couple of days, and a Driehoek Wines Miele Pinot Noir 2019 – delightfully light but packed with flavour and body. This was a birthday prezzie from The Cork & Bottle Sunset Beach which I’m absolutely loving. Thanks Candice!

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