Walking the talk #11

This is the burned cabbage and smokey tomato redemption cook, shoulder to shoulder with my wife in the kitchen. Sliced the cabbage into wedges, pan fried in some grape seed oil until colored, then grilled until charred. The tomatoes sliced, smoked in the braai, baked in the oven, blitzed to a paste and then reduced in a saucepan with some seasoning and anchovies. Annie made some cauliflower steaks, charred on the griddle, baked in the oven with some harissa paste, and served with humus, sundried tomato paste, grilled onion leaves and crunchy pine kernels. All this served with some shiitake mushrooms pan fried with soy sauce, home made balsamic vinegar reduction, and deglazed with some home-made fermented honey. Somewhere on the plate was a little chicken breast that was divine but outshined by all the veggie glory. Totally yumm!

Of, of course – the wine. How could I forget. I promise I didn’t forget in the kitchen while cooking or at the table while eating all this yummy deliciousness. Dinner was paired with Louisvale unwooded Chardonnay.

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