Walking the talk #10

Jeez this is becoming a thing – number 10 already. I only started posting pics of what I made in the kitchen to show that I can take criticism as good as I can give it and that for every success in the kitchen there’s also a handful of fails.

Tonight is a whopping success story. Lamb chops that I picked up from Stellenbosch were a delicacy that I was savoring, waiting for a night when there was more at home than just me and Annie. Aaron was home tonight, so I whipped them out of the freezer and let them defrost, then marinated them in olive oil, oregano and lemon juice.

I served them with crispy potatoes roasted in the oven with a bit of coarse salt and rosemary, my own recipe beetroot crisps, sauté’d shiitake mushrooms, crispy onion leaves with some thyme, and topped with some to-die-for lamb gravy that I’d kept frozen from the last Greek lamb I made. It was absolutely to die for. I reduced the lamb gravy to a nice thick lemon and herb rich jus, and poured over the cooked lamb chops on the pate. OMG. All that, a glass of Tokara Wine Estate, Stellenbosch Reserve Cab Sav 2019, and the most superb colorful sunset – you don’t get it any better than this.

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