Greek-ish (Stone Ridge)

Today we’re in Jo’burg.

Greek-ish is a family owned Greek (mainly) restaurant that also offers other cuisines like curries and pizza, hence the “ish” in the name.

It’s great food all round, very reasonably priced, and for me, best of all, is the loving touch you get by the owners, Archie and Marcie. They’re welcoming and humble, and like any Mama, Marcie loves to see you well fed and happy.

Service is great. We didn’t wait at all to be seated and served. Food for a table of 5 came out quickly and everything was perfect.

We love mezze and sharing plates (2 out of the 5 of us anyway), so we ordered a lot of different dishes which Marcie made into a platter for us – halloumi, calamari, dips, cheesy jelapino croquettes, skinny lamb chops and “chicken ribs”. Granny had prawns and sole. We had only compliments for absolutely everything. The prawns were huge (if you read my review about St Andrews, this is what a prawn is supposed to be not those sea-peanuts they served us). The Chicken Ribs is a unique thing I’ve never seen anywhere before – it’s a chicken breast quarter sliced into “ribs” done in a lemon and herb marinade and grilled over the coals. Delicious! The skinny chops were perfect, just the right amount of char and cook on the meat and the fat. Yumm!!

Of course we ordered a bottle of wine – their wine list consists of the popular commercial brands – Nederberg and Durbanville Hills mainly. We had a bottle of the Durbanville Hills Chardonnay – it won’t win any prizes but it went perfectly well with our meal.

We would have had some dessert but we were all a bit stuffed, and then my family organized a belated happy birthday for me which came in the form of a lot of singing and a chocolate brownie with ice cream. Best chocolate brownie I’ve had in ages. That made me truly stuffed. Along with dessert came big smiles and hugs from Archie and Marcie, and we left there feeling like we’d just come from dinner at family.

Greek-ish has an outdoor seating area on the walkway, but I’d go for a table inside so you get a bit of the Greek ambiance the owners have created. You miss it completely if you sit outside.

Prices are reasonable. With wine, drinks and tip, our bill was just less than R300pp.

On the way out we eyed the dessert trolley where a very tempting Baklava Cheesecake was winking at us but we remained resolute. And stuffed.

Greek-ish is an absolute must if you’re in Jo’burg near Linksfield/Edenvale /Bedfordview. Ambiance is great, food is brilliant, service is friendly and welcoming, prices are reasonable, value for money is excellent.

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