Drunken Chicken 2.0

Masterchef in 3D (home cooking/walking the talk #8)

All these ingredients somehow meld together into the most outrageously delicious dish I’ve ever cooked. This was Alvin’s Drunken Chicken 2.0 from this season of MasterChef Australia. It had the judges giggling like school kids, and it did the same when I made it at home tonight.

It’s one thing ogling over dishes they cook on Tv. It’s another when you get to taste it in real life. It’s Masterchef in 3D. OMG. Insane!!

Chicken poached in a broth made from Chinese cooking rice wine, shredded and then combined with a slaw of – I can’t even say – so many ingredients including green mango, dried shrimp and palm sugar, then topped with crispy chicken skin. It just doesn’t make any sense until it all comes together and oh wow!

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