Home made Putanseca with smoked tomatoes

Walking the talk # 7

Traumatized by Andy Allen’s Burned Cabbage with a smoked tomato beurre noisette in one of my previous Walking the Talk posts, I took to the kitchen again tonight inspired by a part of that same recipe. No cabbage this time, and no rich butter.

This was made with tomatoes smoked in my braai, then grilled till soft and slightly colored and then puréed. Add that to some caramelized onions, throw in some olives, anchovies and capers, some fresh rosemary and thyme. Let all those flavours get nice and friendly while the sauce reduces for about 10 mins on a low heat and you end up with this delicious Smokey Arabiata. Pour over penne, grate a little Parmesan and sprinkle some toasted pine nuts on top.

Accompanied by a glass of Vergelegen Wines Semillon. Absolutely delicious.

There’s some noises you get to know about your significant other. The ones Annie makes when she’s eating something I made that she absolutely loves are my absolute favorites. Annie said it was the best pasta sauce she’s ever had.

Yay, redemption! Woohoo!

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