Rainbow’s End Cab Franc 2020

Rainbow’s End Cab Franc 2020 goes beautifully with the colours of sunset and tonight’s Tuesday Night curry. Scents of curry leaves when you dip your nose in to breathe it in, and it wakes your taste buds up all round with dry leaves and dark fruit. Delicious.

While you’re reading this, I’m celebrating my birthday and doing a LOT of “research”. There may be a post tomorrow about how you have to drink water while you’re drinking copious amounts of wine, or how you definitely shouldn’t mix your drinks, even if it is your birthday, or a close up of my own shooter creation, the brain tumor, or there might be no post at all while I gingerly recover from a bold night of celebrations. In any event, happy birthday to me, and enjoy tonight’s sunset.

BIG shoutout to Cork & Bottle for the surprise birthday prezzie today when I popped in to pick up some supplies for Wednesday’s party. Love you guys!

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