Nederburg Private Bin R163 Cab Sav 2018

Nederburg Private Bin R163 Cab Sav 2018 – OMG. Strong smoked meat aromas on the nose with a hint of burned leaves. Like walking through an Italian deli with the cold meats and coppa and smoked ham swinging from the rafters while the kitchen is on fire. It’s silky on the tongue. Voted one of SA’s best Cab Savs in 2022.

I’m not a huge Nederberg fan because it’s so commercialized, so I was really surprised at how good this one was.

“…declared a Master in the 2022 The Drinks Business Global Cabernet Sauvignon series. The wine was also deemed one of the publication’s top 12 Cabernet Sauvignons of the year (the only South African Cabernet Sauvignon on the list)” (The Citizen)

It comes in a nice heavy bottle too so if you’re in a bar fight and there’s one of these nearby, go for this bottle over a regular table wine.

Goes exceptionally well with an empty wine glass and anything after 5pm.

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