That legendary Singapore Chicken Rice dish I made on Friday resulted in lots of leftover rice, which is delish in a bowl warmed up in the micro, but turning it into a fried rice with some impromptu no-recipe ready-steady-cook mushrooms deglazed with some of Callan Austin’s garlic honey ferment and a touch of Chinese 5-spice salt made for yummy leftovers. But the real leftovers were the four nearly-empty bottles of wine from the last few days.

Kicking off with Glen Carlou Quartz Stone Chardonnay 2021 while the sun was on its way down – a refreshing palette opener in the waning heat of the day that went down so well with Episode 1 of Halo which I loved, btw, while my wife was splashing paint on a gargantuan canvass that’s bigger than both of us put together, I kid you not. Then, with the leftover Fried Rice and in the making thereof, Louisvale Wines Stellenbosch Dominique 2020, left over from dinner at George’s Kitchen which sang way more with this dish than with last night’s lamb, so note to self – this wine loves a less powerful food accompaniment. (My wife had stopped painting at this point in case you’re wondering). Second to last, Saronsberg Cellar Seismic, a highly versatile and solid red blend that I rate should be a standard cellar staple, like olive oil and salt, in every home, which went really well with that over-full feeling you get from eating too much rice. And finally, one of my all time favs, Saronsberg Wine Estate, Tulbagh Shiraz 2019, which was in and of itself, dessert, and went really well with nothing at all except regret for having dashed my diet yet again, but it’s all in the name of research, and a diet can always start again tomorrow, which no doubt it will, at least until dinner time. Raise your hand if it’s ever happened to you.

Happy wining, people.

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