Primal (Whiskey)

Not every bottle I open is a winner. This was a gift from my brother-in-law that looked really special in the bottle, until we all part took. Primal by WhiskyBrother&Co didn’t pull it off with this limited edition 90 bottle release. It’s not officially whiskey, it’s a “matured malt spirit” and it packs a whopping 53.8% alcohol volume. It could be used to power a generator or an F15. The first impression I got when I took a sniff was the loss of sensation in my left nostril. It’s strong like a bull (can’t say like Russia any more now that we’ve seen how easily their tanks implode). I’ve included pics of the tasting committee.

I’m not writing this one off. I’ve got a pretty bottle, and I’m going to experiment with mixers until I find something that works – ideas welcome, even wrong ones.

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