Yamitsuki Tepanyaki (Bedfordview)

Yamitsuki Japanese restaurant in Bedfordview

I heard some great reviews about ”this sushi place in Bedfordview”, and visiting my old home town for a week before the wedding, we had to give it a try. Now let me say that to me, when people rave about how good the sushi is I take it with a pinch of sea salt because there’s only so much you can do with sushi and the difference between good, great and orgasmic has always been marginal in my humble opinion. I mean fish is fish, and rice is rice. But…

Firstly we arrived without a booking and the manager was very accommodating – he made a plan for us and set up a table. We’ve been to places where you have to book before and have arrived without a booking and there’s nothing like being treated with that attitude when everyone inside looks so happy and the vibe looks so good and the staff look down on you as if to say you’re not good enough to spend your money here. This was the complete opposite and from that moment it got better and better.

Firstly, it’s not a sushi place, it’s a full on Japanese restaurant that does everything from dim sum to Tepanyaki, designer sushi and Japanese desserts, and everything was served as close to fine dining style as you can get when your restaurant is squished between a coffee shop, a half-dozen fast food outlets, and Baileys Pub (not The Bailey!!). Everything was heartstopping, gobsmacking and breathtaking. We need one of these in Tableview!!

We ordered a selection from the Asian Tapas and Dim Sum. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend was the salt and pepper calamari – I’ve had better. But everything else was brilliant – 3 piece mixed Dim Sum was delicious, the tempura Rock Shrimp was probably the best prawns I’ve had ever – they were sizeable and crunchy and OMG – we were only going to order 3 and erred to 6 to share and I could have happily had another 12. We also had a plate from the sushi-go-round of salmon skin in something called a Yummy roll, which was just that, yummy!! and we had the Hong Kong Pears which were also magical.

For the wine drinker in the party of three I chose the Ken Forrester Wines Petit Chenin Blanc by the glass, seeing as Ken is the boss of the Chenin. It was a perfect choice if I say so myself, and I did, I said it myself. Yummy.

The tea service was stunning, it comes with such flair, and we had to have dessert with tea, so we had their Signature dessert which gives you a little taste of everything. It was superb!

Someone was having a birthday – turn your sound up for the second-last video.

The flair, the theatre (watch the very last video), the service and the quality of the food make this place an absolute must if you’re in Jo’burg.

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