The Lighthouse Restaurant at Blue Peter

We usually eat on the lawns the pub at Blue Peter but today was a little too cold to sit outside, so we hob nobbed with the fancy folks in the Lighthouse Restaurant to escape the weather.

It’s a very similar menu to the pub, but dollied up, with fancier tablecloths, classier service and an appropriate bump in pricing. You get the same breathtaking sea views to Big Bay, Ribben Island and Table Mountain. You can also count the locals walking their Yorkies as they pass by. Food is still the same quality – I’ve said before this place served the best fish thisbside of the harbour, and they’ve consistently lived up to that.

Between the three of us we had the butternut soup and the snails as starters. The soup was so filling that half off it made it home with us and waits in the fridge as I write. All he starters were good. Then we had the line fish and prawns for mains. The only disappointment for me was that the menu billed my dish as king prawns but the only thing king about them was the princely price. They were cooked well, but them ain’t no kings. The fish more than made up for the missing royalty on my plate. I’d steer away from the prawns and stick to the fish, burgers and pizzas. This is, after all, a fancier iteration of a pub restaurant. I still think the pub is the main attraction at Blue Peter and the restaurant is for weather emergencies only.

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