Petiscos (Tableview)

Lunch at Petiscos today with friends and an award winning red.

For me the outright winner was the baby Kingklip – wow. Absolutely perfect. I had one bite and it trumped the entire meal. I ordered the Xai-Xai half chicken with a few king prawns. Yeah, ok, not bad. Chicken was a bit tough and tiny. For a half chicken I’d have expected some take-home, but ended up scraping every morsel off the poor bird’s tiny frame. My wife ordered the crab curry which is her fav dish, and she’s been in search of a suitable replacement for 2Thai4 Restaurant’s crab curry since we moved to Cape Town, but seriously nothing comes even close. As close as today’s meal came to the Industry standard, the amount of effort to get a gram of crab out of the plate still got trumped by 2 Thai 4, so we’re still searching.

Waiter service was excellent bordering on sublime for a regular local Portuguese restaurant. They let you bring your own wine, and what better wine to bring than the best Bordeaux Blend in SA – Peter Falke Wines Kanoa 2017, part cab sav, part cab franc, and voted best blend in SA of 2022 in WineMag’s 2022 competition. Can’t get any better than this.

Best joke of the day was when one of our party tried to put the wine bottle cork into the peri-peri bottle accidentally (and incidentally she wasn’t drinking any alcohol) and the cork fell into the bottle. She got the cork-soaker award. Second best of the day was when the waiter brought a bowl for the chicken bones, and it was renamed a cock-pit. Maybe you had to be there.

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