Noon Gun Beers

Popped into my local wine store to pick up a case of one of top 10 Cape Red Blends of the year, and got unwillingly entangled in a surprise beer tasting. Despite much kicking, screaming and protesting, which lasted all of 1 microsecond, I tasted 4 beers from new Muizenberg based brewery, Noon Gun Brewery.

Mike, featured in the pic, gave me the tour and all the tasting notes. I also discovered that there’s something called an IBU which has nothing to do with irritable bowels, but measures bitterness – International Bitterness Unit. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. My favorite was the lager (20 IBU) – definitely worth a try.

Look for the brewery at 12 Capricorn Drive, Muizenberg overlooking the lake. You can taste their range – Lite Lager, Lager, IPA and Weiss. They also do G&T premix for those who like their G&T I’m a bottle with a cap. Mike says they serve food too (which I’m sure I’ll review soon enough).

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