Fancy Franks Surf Shack (Sunset Beach)

Fancy Frank’s – revisited

I posted previously about our experience at Fancy Frank’s shortly after they opened, and I didn’t rate the it very highly, but write the poor overall performance down to a premature launch. Since then I’ve been back twice, and I’m really pleased to say that they’re closer to the top of their game. Plus this proves that second chances deliver rewards.

My wife and I popped in there on the spur only the moment because we were shopping for something to cook for dinner, and of course when you’re shopping for something to cook, the obvious spur of the moment thing to do is go for dinner before you have to go home and cook. We happened to pop in on a Tuesday when they have their Taco Tuesday – R55 a soft taco. They were delicious. We also added a calamari starter which they serve with a piece of fried lemon, something I’ve never had anywhere before that works to elevate a simple and popular dish. That was also delicious. The whole meal for two with a glass of wine for the guy who can’t resist a glass of wine came to about R250 for the two of us. I can’t cook a meal at home for that. Really great value.

Tonight we went to watch the rugby in the bar. What a great vibe. They have happy hour every day so drinks were more than a guy my size can drink for half price. We ordered some sushi which we thought would be a snack for the first half of the game, and it was so good and such a big portion that it ended up being supper. It’s the best sushi I’ve had this side of tourist town at the V&A.

I was already full to bursting after all the beer and the sushi, but somebody said “dessert” so my wife and I had to share the Crème Brulè, which was also so damn good.

Fancy Frank’s redemption. My only complaint is that we had to look for our waiter a few times, and the smokers had to squeeze past the one table that was positioned in the doorway to the balcony, but that can all be forgiven, partly because the Boks beat Wales, and partly because the vibe and the food are excellent quality and extremely excellent value. A great combination for a local.

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