Spinach Cones

Spinach Cones make a great bar snack, and they’re so deliciously simple. It needs a good quality spinach like a Swiss chard, and then: take a lemon, cut a slice and slice that slice into little cubes about 3x3mm, peel and all. Trust me, keep the peel on. That goes into one small serving bowl. Then into their own serving bowls: equally sized chopped bits of red onion, peanuts (you can crush these), lemongrass, some crunchy bits of crispy onions which you can get at Woolies, and some red chillis, seeded and chopped into thin stripes.

Then you need a dipping sauce like a plum soy sauce, or if you can’t find any, we found a nice Vietnamese citrus sauce. Something nice and sweetish, not too hot. You’ll get the heat from the chillis.

You take a spinach leaf, fill it with bits of everything you’ve chopped up, add a bit of the sauce, and roll it up.

Serve with a lovely crisp white, a Rosè, or a red. These go with pretty much any wine. I had them with a delicious Rust en Vrede Estate 2019 which was absolutely delicious.

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