Rust en Vrede Estate Vineyards Syrah 2019

Monday night wine redemption: Rust en Vrede Wine Estate Estate Vineyard Syrah 2019

When a wine is good, you can either rave about it for pages and pages and make up notes and words to describe what your nose and taste buds are going through, or just simply say it’s a mighty fine wine. This is a mighty fine wine.

This one is dusty bookshelf and dry dry leaves on the nose. On the palette, It’s smooth and rewarding, with lots of strong dark berries and an overall lingering deep spicy feeling on the back of the mouth. It’s got legs like a power lifter. And an odd observation that I haven’t picked up in many wines – it leaves the glass nice and clean. Another testament to its body.

Platters 4.5 stars, and worth every point. Remind me to drink lots of water, I might just go over my glass and half with this one.

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