Mozambik Century City

There’s no pic on this post because … well you’ll know why if you read on…

Mozambik Century City and Mozambik you really need to get a grip. I’m all for forgiving a restaurant an occasional bad day but Mozambik Century City is 3 for 3. For me that means Jack Reacher – Never go Back.

The first bad experience was when I ordered 2 quarter chickens, and I don’t do legs. Like ever. In fact if it’s a choice between broccoli, raw, and chicken legs, I’ll go with the broccoli. Of course the first time I ordered quarters from Mozambik Century City and specified breasts – yep, I got broccoli. Okay, so they made a mistake. I called the restaurant to let them know because I’m all about second chances. I like their food, I like when I get to have their dry-rub chicken at home. When I called I spoke to the lady who answered the phone and she had to call the manager who wasn’t available, and she promised he’d call me back. An hour later, after complete radio silence, I called again. The manager had to take my call that time because he couldn’t dodge the call, and he tried to hide behind busy and understaffed. Again, okay, but it’s neither my restaurant nor my problem. If you’re understaffed, close the doors, get staff, then open again when you’re ready. Don’t offer promises you know you can’t fulfill. He apologized, asked where I lived, and promised to bring the correct order when he could. This was long after I’d lost my appetite on broccoli and the idea of a happy meal experience had long since disappeared along with the delivery guy’s tip. Needless to say, days later, we’d still not seen nor heard from the manager. I thought about reporting his disappearance to the cops but felt the case didn’t have legs.

Tonight, weeks after recovering from the trauma, I ordered from Mozambik Century City again. I said it before, I’m all about second chances. Seeing as how these guys don’t know a thigh from a breast (I hope that only goes for a chicken) I removed any chance that they’d cluck up again and ordered a whole chicken. I even ordered at 5:30pm so supper would arrive by 6:30pm. I mean, what restaurant gets too busy at 5:30 that their understaffed legless kitchen can’t keep up, right?

6:30 comes and goes. Uber Eats says the order is taking longer than expected. I call the restaurant. They say my order just left with the Uber driver. I chalk it down to a technology error. 7pm, the app has given me so many different updates. The restaurant is still preparing my order, the driver gave up and went to get KFC, they’re looking for another driver, they’re on it, the restaurant has started on my order. And then at 7:30pm, the restaurant has cancelled my order.

Sorry, what??

Sadly it is abundantly clear that the franchise has no clue just how bad this branch is, it’s management is in blissful ignorant denial, and it’s owners are headed for a future filled with bankruptcy, angry creditors and hungry home-diners. Unless they’re looking to make a tax write off in which case get your tax guys to look into this one because I think if you buy now you’ll be able to write off a couple of bar in the next 24 months.

Don’t feel sad for me, I’ve got wine to numb the hunger, and even though I’m close to starvation, I’m not beyond hitting the broccoli drawer and cooking something up, which I am doing as I write this very sad and tragic post. Don’t cry for me Mozambik, we won’t be seeing each other again any time soon. Or later than soon. Or ever.

To everyone else out there who can see Mozambik Century Cuty on their Mr D or Uber Eats App – one word – scroll!!

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