Salt & Sage

Dinner tonight at Salt & Sage Tableview for their Reopening after Renovation bash. They’ve remodeled the interior to make room for more tables, and moved the counters around to make better use of the dead space at the back. It works much better than the previous layout.

Tonight was chaotic because of the launch – usually they don’t have every table ordering at the same time, plus there were additional tables adding to the load on the kitchen, and everything was put under more pressure because of Eskom’s ineptitude and an hour of LoadShedding. We waited a while for our food, but I chalk this down to opening night jitters and LoadShedding. I doubt they’ll be under this kind of pressure every night.

Once the food started coming out of the kitchen, the hangry were appeased and all was forgiven. The food was impeccable.

They limited tonight’s menu to burgers and small plates. All the burgers were divine. I had the fig & blue cheese burger – absolutely delicious. It came with fries – you can choose regular or sweet potato. I’d recommend the sweet potato fries, they’re very more-ish. We had some of the small plates too – chili prawns, fried calamari and the carpaccio. All were really good. Prawns were a decent size, perfectly cooked, in a lovely light chili sauce. Carpaccio was served with fried capers and some Parmesan shavings and was well cured without being oily at all The calamari was tender and crispy, served with an aioli that worked well to compliment the flavor.

The special menu was accompanied by draft beer so no wine tonight. Instead I tried Diesel & Dust – light beer in the bottle, and a glass of the draft. I could have had a six pack on the light beer – it went perfectly with the burger.

All in all, a great night out. Salt & Sage remains one of my favorite places in the Tableview area.

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