Introducing New Arrivals

Enjoying some of the new arrivals with friends – that’s the wines I’m talking about that are the new arrivals, not the friends. Although the friends are visiting Cape Town, so I guess they’re new arrivals too.

Introduced everyone to these two wines I bought last week. Always helps to split a case with a friend. You get to taste twice as much for half the cost.

I bought the Vilafonte, Stellenbosch Seriously Old Dirt 2019 last year and I was very impressed, so when the 2020 edition was released I was keen to try.

This one is a worthy follower to the 2019 predecessor. Strong on the nose, lots of berry flavors. A great opener. About R259 a bottle. Generally rated as a 4 star wine. I think it’s great value.

Then I opened the Eenzaamheid Wines 2020 Shiraz, which was rated the best South African Shiraz by WineMag this year (2022) – it was awarded 96 points. When I read the press release I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. Wow. Star of the show by far and well deserving of the accolade. It has a spicy and powerful bouquet that tells you something excellent is on the way and it delivers on flavour, depth and character. The best thing about this wine is the price – R195 a bottle. Grab some while it’s available from the cellar. You can thank me later. I bought mine from Cybercellar.

Enjoyed with some of my home made olives, a Camembert from Woolies, and some veggie crisps. Delicious all round.

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