Groote Post Chardonnay 2021

Finishing this bottle of Groote Post Chardonnay 2021 after a very long and busy day – lovely everyday wine to enjoy in the kitchen while prepping some veggies to pop into the crisper. This one is a great go-to favorite of mine.

I live literally down the road from the estate (ok, it’s a good few km’s but on the same road) and I still haven’t been to the farm. Every time I drive past Groote Post I’m on my way somewhere and I say to myself “I’ve gotta go there next time” and next time ends up just like the last time when I’m on my way somewhere else.

Last time I was on my way to Strandkombuis, the time before that to explore Yzerfontein and the Yzerfontein 16 Mile Beach, or to Paternoster or places far up the West Coast.

Next time, promise.

I love a good Chardonnay, and very soon I’ll be reviewing a wine I’m really excited about. Watch this space. If you’re a Chardonnay fan, you’ll love the one I’ve got in the unopened box sitting on my wine counter. I’ll review the restaurant that introduced me to the wine too, so lots of tantalising reading coming soon.

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