Believe it or not, I’m at an Airport Lounge

Take a guess which establishment I’m at? Unless you’ve been there, I’m willing to bet you a 5 star cab sav you won’t get it.

Be honest now – would you have guessed the Standard Bank Executive Library Lounge at OR Tambo? I would never have guessed.

Catering by Olives & Plates Restaurant is exceptional. Now my new favorite airport lounge by far. Look for it at the furthest end of the gangway beyond gate D8. It’s well worth the walk. The food is 5 star, and the service is unlike any I’ve ever experienced at an airport lounge.

Funny story – I arrived at the airport, went through security and only then discovered I’d left my wallet at the office which had my ID and all my cards in it. Of course you need your ID and your card to get into the lounge (and on the plane, but we’ll deal with that later) and I had neither. The staff at the reception desk were so incredibly helpful given the panic on my face. They waved us into the lounge, and let us loose on this incredible buffet before I ran the length of the gangway several times trying to get a certified copy of my ID printed so I could board the plane. Also thanks to LIFT Airline for not making my little mistake a mission.

The second pic is a chicken curry with aromatic basmati rice that hands down beats any chicken curry I’ve had at my fav Indian restaurants by a country mile. The spread at this buffet is really impressive. Next time I fly from OR Tambo, I’m allowing an extra hour at the airport for sure!

So glad I’ve finally got something to praise Standard Bank – South Africa about. Your best offering yet. Please put one at Cape Town airport. Surely there’s room…

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