A quick wine tasting at Slow Lounge

Quick bit of wine sampling at the Slow Lounge today en route Jo’burg from the Motyer City.
The purists out there are going to tell me I paired the wines with the wrong dishes but it’s an airport lounge not a 5 star restaurant – wine comes first. Food later.
The Laborie Wine Chardonnay was the best wine of the day for me – crisp, full of flavor. Definitely a keeper. Went beautifully with an Asian beef stew. Highly recommended.
Next I tried the Laborie Shiraz. I‘m a big Shiraz fan, so was keen to see what this one has to offer. Slightly tart on the nose, a little edgy on the palette. I had it with a veg caserole – went very well indeed. The sommeliers are going to tell me I should have had this one with the beef stew. Shiraz’s are supposed to be spicy but this one was a little bland on the palette. Not going on my favorites list.
Lastly the Bayede Royal Wines Cab Sav. I had this one with some brie and a cracker. No distinctive bouquet but smooth and velvety on the palette. It’s the kind of wine you can safely order from a restaurant menu or take with you to a Braai because it’s versatile and it goes with anything. Make a note of it, it’s a good one to keep on your list of wines for any occasion.
Pictured holding the bottles is Spha, the barista and Bar tender at Slow Cape Town International, who served me with a friendly smile.
The food at the SLOW Lounge (Domestic) was on point today. I had some Asian beef stew, a veg caserole, and pear, blue cheese and walnut salad. Divine.
The view from Cape Town airport is superb. Mountains 180 degrees. This place is really amazing.

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