De Grendel Cape of Good Hope Merlot 2019

When I picked up a case of De Grendel Wine and Restaurant Merlot a while back I wasn’t wildly impressed, but to be fair I had bought some other higher caliber wines around the same time and this one didn’t measure up, but it was like putting a welterweight in the ring with Mike Tyson – not a fair fight.
Anyway tonight it gets its chance at redemption. When you’re looking for a safe bet on a wine list, go for the merlot. Take-away curry (not a great photo op when dinner is in tubs and plastic bags so no photos but picture fine home-dining) and this Merlot were a perfect combination. It’s a lightweight, no hiding that, but matched with a hot curry from Prim Reddy’s Indian Chapter, it finds its place with ease. Great cellar staple for everyday drinking and dinner with friends.

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