Fairview Wine Estate

Some worthy wines from Fairview Wine and Cheese which I discovered when I visited the estate in April this year. I did the Master tasting which comes with a selection of their cheeses too. Definitely highly recommended. Anyway, these two wines from their Bloemcool range are notably unique and worth trying. “Bloemcool” means “Cauliflower”, and stems from the name Bloemkoolfonteon, which is the original name of the wine farm before it was bought by Fairview. If you look closely at the label, the little bumps are cauliflower seeds, so you can plant the labels and start growing your own Bloemcool.
This red is uniquely delicious. It’s called “Voet”, made from Grenache Noir grapes in what sounds like a largely natural process. Only a small number of bottles are produced each year. I tried to identify the bouquet but it is so unique I couldn’t find anything to describe it. The wine is bottled unfiltered which gives it a slight haziness in the glass.
I’ve got two more from this range which I’ll review next.

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